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Skye Management, an affiliate of Hanini Group, was founded in 2010 and manages over 1,000 residential units and 2 million square feet of commercial space.
Skye Management approaches property and facility management from an owner’s perspective - delivering unparalleled service, asset management, and the reduction of real estate investment risk.
For us, the work doesn’t stop with completing a construction or design project. Skye Management is committed to top-of-the-line property management. Our objective is to better the lives of our residents and the communities in which we work. With over a decade of experience managing properties in urban neighborhoods, Skye Management is committed to making properties beneficial for the community and the planet.
With that in mind, Skye Management understands that the people who reside in our properties are the ones who make them a home. Each space is uniquely transformed by the tenants who are a part of our community. That is why Skye Management takes its fiduciary responsibility to our residents seriously, making sure we provide safe, affordable, and sustainable housing for our residents.


Our residents, their families, and the community at large are what’s most important to us.  We are committed to elevating the lives of our residents by providing safe, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing homes. At Skye Management, we also understand our impact potential. As catalysts for change, we believe it is essential for us to contribute to our communities and encourage others to do the same.



Skye management property managers maintain a tradition of attention and hands-on service to our tenants to ensure their utmost fulfillment. We are a team of dedicated individuals who abide by the best green management practices and Fair Housing Laws. When residents enlist the assistance of one of our property managers, they receive a team of the most dedicated individuals in the industry.


Our experienced and professionally trained
Maintenance Team works around the clock
to make sure our residents are living in the
most optimal environment.

The priority is to keep our residents comfortable
and living in the most optimal environment


Our professional Housekeeping Team offers top-of-the-line service to ensure all common areas of our properties are maintained to the highest standard of cleanliness, giving every property dedicated attention multiple times weekly.