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Urban Core Builders is Hanini Group’s in-house construction agency with more than a decade of experience in helping communities thrive through modern, sustainable construction.
With our years of experience, UrbanCore Builders is well equipped to tackle projects of varying scale, from sizable multiple-unit apartment buildings with luxury loft stylings to swank, corporate office spaces, and even large-scale refurbishment projects.
We not only have an extensive track record working in numerous parts of New Jersey, but also in New York City, known for its complex and byzantine zoning codes.
As sustainable construction managers, we pride ourselves on detailed and strategic planning in the conceptual phase, careful monitoring during the build-up process, effective coordination, and deep collaboration to ensure projects are executed to the highest standard.
At Urban Core Builders, we build iconic edifices that stand the test of time. That is why our mission is to facilitate and implement the best and latest green-building practices on all our projects.