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Hanini Group is an award-winning real estate firm with more than 15 years of experience developing high-caliber loft-style residential, retail, commercial and corporate properties.
With more than $700 million of development projects under its belt, the firm is primarily known for its successful track record of taking historic properties in Newark, New Jersey, and rehabilitating them from top to bottom. Many of these buildings, beautifully restored to their former glory, have quickly become landmarks and popular focal points in the city.
The firm has expanded beyond Newark and has taken on large marquee projects in the greater New York City metropolitan area, such as Northern New Jersey and Brooklyn.
In practice, Hanini Group delivers a unique blend of creative vision and practicality that brings a fresh perspective to real estate development while staying ahead of the curve in the latest green building practices. Committed to vibrant cities and towns, Hanini Group is strongly dedicated to producing high-end spaces with the latest amenities while preserving historical integrity when working with older properties.
Over the years, the firm has been recognized for its work by cities and towns, prominent business leaders, local institutions, historical experts, and news media.


Hanini Group is made up of passionate people who love cities, vibrant neighborhoods, and beautiful design. We have deep roots and an abiding interest in the communities where we have projects, which are respectful and responsive of the surrounding locale. Because of our approach, Hanini Group has been recognized for its work over the years by cities and towns, prominent business leaders, local institutions, stakeholders, historical experts, and national and local news media.

  • 2004 Invested in Newark from the Start

    Hanini Group acquired its first property, then known as The Little Shields Building, in New Jersey’s Newark downtown neighborhood via funding from friends and family.

  • 2012 Building New Life into the Heart of the City

    In Newark’s downtown sits the Columbian, which was originally built in 1890 and once held a restaurant, clothing stores and other commercial spaces. Hanini Group rehabilitated this Market Street wonder into a swank residential mixed-use building with over 70 apartment units. The building is known for its preserved pre-war classical details paired with modern amenities.

  • 2014 Restoring City Artifacts

    On Broad Street in Newark is the First National State Bank, which earned the honor of being placed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1977. Hanini Group came into the unique opportunity to transform the edifice into Hotel Indigo. The downtown project, centrally located in Newark’s business district, nicknamed the Four Corners, signaled Hanini Group’s continuing and vital role in Newark’s revitalization.

  • 2016 Reviving City Landmarks

    Spanning a large swath of Newark’s downtown district, the distinctive brick Hahne & Co. building has long been a fixture in city history as a once famous department store where everybody shopped, from shoes to fur coats. In a public-private venture, Hanini Group had the opportunity to help revitalize this building into once again becoming a prominent city landmark for today and the future.
  • 2018 Reviving Urban Neighborhoods

    Billed as the tallest building in Passaic, New Jersey, the People’s Bank Building is an iconic landmark that first opened in 1931 at the height of the Great Depression. Hanini Group was given the task to breathe new life into the structure, which now functions as a new office building for the Passaic Board of Education.

  • 2022 Creating Limitless Communities

    Situated in Newark’s downtown is 707 Broad Street, one of Hanini Group’s newly acquired buildings. This property is surrounded by myriad national corporate headquarters, including those of Panasonic, Prudential Financial, and PSEG. Hanini Group and its partners plan to upgrade and renovate the large property while activating the rooftop with a new vision and purpose.


Hanini Group is on a mission to create equitable and environmentally sustainable communities by driving impact through a socially conscious investment strategy. We believe that people come first and we are committed to delivering an unparalleled quality of life, guided by collaboration, compassion and vision for uplifting urban communities.


Our vision is to be the gold standard for impact real estate investing. We seek to raise the bar for how urban communities are invested in by focusing time and attention on conscious design, sustainable construction, and equitable urban revitalization. At Hanini Group, we believe that investment value and social value work in tandem, and strive to make a positive impact in everything that we do.