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When we started Hanini Group, we began by renovating a small office building in New Jersey’s Newark downtown with the eye of being part of the growing movement to revitalize the city. From those humble beginnings, our office and the scale of the projects we have worked on have grown exponentially over the years. However, our approach has not changed even as our projects have become more complex and ambitious. We tackle everything with a focus on detail, while ensuring white-glove service and an overall vision to making the communities we touch ever more vibrant and exciting. Because of this, we have garnered attention and awards from municipalities, local civic groups, businesses, and national and local news media for our development projects.
Hanini Group is primarily known for skillfully marrying historical details with modern design and amenities for existing buildings. The result is buildings that are sensitive to the local urban fabric, bursting with character, and accented with contemporary verve. Our development projects have become urban focal points to the people who live and work there while activating neighborhoods with renewed vitality. Within our buildings, new businesses open and organizations expand their footprint. People move into stylish apartments that were once moribund spaces. Simply put, we and many of our partners believe that our development projects have made the surrounding communities better.